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October 15, 2018 ali   Leave a Reply   Nomis, Video

Entertainment Weekly recently gave us a look of Henry starring as Marshall in his new film Nomis.

Cavill stars as Marshall, a police lieutenant who gets entangled in a dangerous situation while attempting to bring down an online predator. Ben Kingsley portrays a vigilante who takes the fight against online pedophiles into his own hands.

“I’m very, very blessed that we were able to get the cast that we did,” said writer and director David Raymond. “Ben was the first one who signed on. You always write with someone in mind, but I never thought we’d end up getting him. Candidly, when Henry’s name came up, I initially dismissed him — not because I don’t love him, but because I thought there’s no way Henry Cavill would sign on to doing a thing like this.”

n the exclusive clip from the film above, Cavill and a fellow officer (Alexandra Daddario) have brought in the suspect in a massive case. “The police have just arrested a suspect and realize that not only is guilt obvious, but there’s a lot that they find in his house that leads to more questions,” Raymond says. “So it’s the first time they’re interrogating the suspect, and they suddenly begin to realize that this is going to be a lot more complicated than they originally thought.”

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Kim & I are excited to announce the launch of Henry Cavill Online! We have both been fans of Henry for a while and decided it was time to share our love of Henry with everyone else through this tribute.

You may know Henry from his work as Clark Kent/Superman in the DC Justice League films, or as Charles Brandon in the Showtime series The Tudors, or as August Walker in the most recent Mission Impossible film. You may have wondered here when you heard of his most recent casting as Geralt of Rivia in the new Netflix series The Witcher. However you have discovered Henry we are excited to share our admiration of him with you!

The site is still a work in progress … but we have a gallery with over 14,000 images, a media vault (which will be continually growing), and a detailed filmography.

Please follow us on Twitter @HCavillOnline to keep up when the site is updated so you are aware of the latest news related to Henry!